Sell Your Car to Moran Buick GMC

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If you need to get rid of your car, but you are afraid of the headache and pain of selling it, you’ve come to the right place. At Moran Buick GMC, selling a car is as easy as it gets! Get a trade-in offer online in minutes and then stop by with your car. Learn more about the process below before getting started. 

Why Sell to Moran Buick GMC? 

You have plenty of dealerships in the Dearborn area you can consider, but there are many reasons you should go to Moran Buick GMC instead:

  • We offer top dollar for your used car or used SUV. Depending on the condition of your car, we might even throw in an extra amount.
  • We will buy it whether you want to buy a different car from us or not. 
  • We will buy it whether it is a Buick, GMC vehicle or not. 
  • We will buy it even if you are still paying off your loan. 
  • We will give you a quote in minutes while other dealerships will take hours! Not to mention, if you sell on your own, it will usually take months. If you’re lucky, it will take days.
  • We only need simple information and a few photos before giving you a quote.

Come to us to get an appraisal or get online by following the steps below.

How to Trade In Your Car 

Trading in your car near our Taylor location is easy. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Type in basic information on your car: VIN, license plate number, make, model, etc.
  2. Enter information on your car’s condition. 
  3. Upload a few photos of your car.
  4. Get an offer based on Blue Book Values in minutes. 
  5. Compare it to the estimated trade-in value to see if it’s a fair offer.
  6. Drive your car to Moran Buick GMC or ask us to meet up with you near Brownstown and we will take it off your hands.

Sell Your Car to Moran Buick GMC Today

Follow those steps, so you can finally get rid of your car in as little pain as possible! Contact us with any questions about the process near Southgate.