What to Do After Buying a Used Car

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At Moran Buick GMC, you’ll find many useful resources to help you find a vehicle that fits your style and budget. We’ve walked you through what to look for when buying a used car, but what are the steps after buying a used car? Once you’ve found the model you love, you need to be sure you’re following federal and state laws, and taking care of the vehicle to get the most out of car ownership around Southgate. Below, we’ll discuss what to do after buying a used car



Steps After Buying a Used Car

You’ve worked hard to find the perfect blend of functionality and performance for your trips around Dearborn. You’ll want to follow up with a few more points to ensure your bases are covered before hitting the road. Here’s what to do after buying a used car: 

  • Get Insurance: Since you can’t legally drive around Brownstown without insurance, you’ll want to ensure the car is insured before you leave the lot. You can do this in your own time to reduce the time spent at the dealership. 
  • Transfer the Title: If you’ve purchased from a private seller, you’ll want to make sure the title is properly transferred after the sale. Buying from a dealer means you don’t have to worry about the title transfer.
  • Register the Car: The dealer will also handle getting the car registered at purchase. However, if it was a private sale, you’ll need to visit a Taylor-area DMV for the correct paperwork. 
  • Choose a Mechanic You Trust: You’ll want to find a mechanic you trust for dependable repairs for years to come, like the certified technicians at Moran Buick GMC’s service center!
  • Schedule Service: Thoroughly check out your used vehicles and ensure all repairs are made for smooth and dependable performance on your daily commutes. Even though the used car has a history of repairs, you’ll want to make sure necessary services are completed like an oil change or tire rotation.
  • Review the Owner’s Manual: The owner’s manual for your new vehicle can walk you through features and services like cruise control, how to use the keyfob, and what kind of oil to use.
  • Check for Recalls: Whether you’re buying new or used, as a vehicle owner, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any recalls that might affect you. It can be related to an issue with mechanical or technological features. 
  • Think About Getting an Extended Warranty: Consider whether it’s worth getting an extended warranty. Some warranties are tied to certain auto shops, so research the terms to find the option most sensible for you. 

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Now that you know what steps to follow after buying a used car, turn to the team at Moran Buick GMC for all your financing questions. Learn about how to trade in a car that is not paid off or discuss your financing situation with our finance department. At Moran Buick GMC we’re dedicated to finding you the best vehicle that fits your budget and driving style. 

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